The name XPO does not ring a bell for many people. However, if you mention that XPO is the logistical mastermind behind chains as H&M, Ikea, Guess and Hudson’s Bay, you probably have the attention of the people around you. XPO logistics is an American company, operating in 30+ countries and employing over 95.000 employees worldwide. Its XPO’s mission to deliver high-quality supply chain solutions to the most successful companies in the world.

In the fall of 2017, AlumniOS visited the so-called “Flag-Store” of XPO in Tilburg. This warehouse handles the daily storage and distribution of 200.000 parcels in North and West Europe. Customers are operating in Fashion, Retail & E-Commerce, Technology & Electronical Goods and Food & Beverages.
After an interesting company presentation by Sjoerd Heijmans, we made a guided-tour through the immense large halls of the warehouse. The logistical processes are optimized in each hall to make storage and distribution as efficient as possible.

The hall layout of a large Swedish fashion brand is organized as following: starting with manual batch picking from shelves, clothes are laced into bins and transported by a “Charlie-and- the-Chocolate Factory looking-like system” on hangers on rails to be placed ready for sending out. This semi-automated process is so accurate, that the order in which a customer selects its items on the web shop, will also be the order in which clothes will be packed – and received by the customer.

We found it very impressive to see which solutions XPO has implemented to distribute an increasing number of parcels and to obtain higher service levels to its customers.

A small contest for our members: currently the XPO warehouse in Tilburg handles on a daily basis 50.000 return shipments. This number increases every day and brings along challenging logistical questions. Which ideas do you have to lower this amount of numbers? The best idea is rewarded with an Airzooka. But be fast, the contest is closing April 15 th 2018.

On behalf of AlumniOS we would like to thank Sjoerd, Mark and Demi of XPO Logistics for having made this event possible.

Robbert, Alexander, Fleur and Tycho

PS. Are you interested in XPO Logistics? They have numerous vacancies for positions in team leadership and management. Check out their website at: