ING invites AlumniOS – Lean in the Service Sector

Tuesday September 24, ING invited AlunniOS for an event about the application of Lean theory in the Service Sector.  After a formidable buffet, we were welcomed in an enthousiastic setting, in which the ING Black Belts gave AlumniOS alumni an insight in the application of Lean theory within ING. Following a short introduction, alumni were given a case to prepare in four sub groups.

Each group was supported by a Black Belt, the best two groups were selected to present their findings and after a winner was appointed, a nice drink formed the perfect ending of a well organised night.

AlumniOS would like to thank the ING Black Belts for their hospitality, enthousiastic support and an interactive, well organised case!

Report: AlumniOS Corporate Venturing Event

photo_4On April 10th, AlumniOS organized an event in cooperation with the Department of Organization & Strategy (Tilburg University) and CbusineZ, a Health Innovation and Investment Fund of CZ.

The event started with drinks and sandwiches, after which Eric Dooms updated participants on recent developments in the field of research, education at Tilburg University in general and the department of Organization & Strategy in particular. The night’s theme was Corporate Venturing, a topic that was subsequently introduced from a theoretical perspective by Stijn van den Hoogen and Ruud Sneep. While Stijn introduced a theoretical framework based on literature, Ruud elaborated on the role of CERC, the Corporate Entrepreneurship Research Center, established in 2012 by the Tilburg Center of  Entrepreneurship. He explained how CERC tries to connect science and practice on Corporate Entrepreneurship and shared some real life business cases. Ruud’s talk proved to be a nice introduction to the main speaker of the night, Joep de Groot.

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