AlumniOS would not be possible without our following partners:

Tilburg University’s goal is to actively contribute to society. We want to serve society and make it a better place for all citizens. Our university has always actively promoted ways to firmly embed our education and research in society.
Our mission of Understanding Society is based on the Christian and humanist traditions in which we have our roots. Important basic principles are sustainability and diversity in the context of corporate social responsibility. We are committed to a society based on these values to which we give shape jointly with citizens and social organizations, government and business.
We also apply this joint approach in our own working environment. We regularly organize symposia and conferences in which debate plays a central role. Here we exchange knowledge, share perspectives, ask each other questions, and challenge one another.



In November 1994, the department “Organisation and Strategy” expressed her wishes for the foundation of a study association. In 2010 the association was renamed into its current name: Asset | Strategy & Logistics. Asset | Strategy & Logistics is the study association for students at Tilburg University in the (pre-)master programs Strategic Management and Supply Chain Management and for all students with an interest in these fields.

Our study association has three objectives:

  1. Linking study to business
    Asset | Strategy & Logistics gets students in contact with companies that are active in the fields of strategy and logistics. This way, students can directly relate their study towards business. Our most popular events are the Consultancy Days, the Supply Chain Days, the Supply Chain Battle and the Entrepreneurship Event.
  2. Study support
    The most important way of supporting students during their study is by providing them guidelines for courses in both their master and bachelor programs.  A second way in which we support students is by giving students the opportunity to give comments on the content of their study. We are doing this by joining the sounding board meetings of the department.
  3. Study enrichment
    Besides supporting students, Asset | Strategy & Logistics gives students the opportunity to get more out of their study period. Becoming active gives students the chance to organize the activities themselves and develop their teambuilding and organizational skills. Next to this, it also helps to improve their resume.

The ChannelsOnline committee is responsible for the blog of study association Asset | Strategy & Logistics. The blog covers both informal and formal articles with the formal articles being focused on the fields of Strategic Management and Supply Chain Management. The blog started in the academic year 2014-2015 and can be found via